Kickboxing Basics

Kickboxing has various forms, points, light contact, full contact, K1 and low kick all require variable differences according to style, however all have key areas in common.

Many coaches and fighters alike train in a multitude of formats utilising outdated and.Testosterone Enanthate Incorrect techniques and systems.

As a fighter you need to be aware of the various elements of functional movement and especially human movement






Each of the human movements can be broken down into further sub categories taking into account sports specific movements and needs analyses for your sport.

Below are the main 5 key elements of kickboxing strength and conditioning, with. Testosteronen Cypionate Speed being subdivided so it’s easier to follow and understand.

Speed – ability to move quickly but can be broken down into two areas;

Reaction – how fast can you attack, counter, defend,

Agility – ability to move your body quickly in various directions

Targeting – variable parts of your opponents body with ease and consistency

Timing – Timing is hitting your intended object and reaching maximum speed, right at the point of impact

Power – is simply Strength x Speed which is basically the explosive force exerted this generates power.


Any kick in martial arts can basically be broken down into four basic parts if we omit strength and power.





A lot has been written with regard to kicking, my aim is to keep it simple for this post.

Flexibility – just because you have great flexibility it doesn’t mean you have good control, work on both as part of a warm up programme using them in tandem and singularly to create a more flexible controlled kick.

PNF stretching and RAMP warm ups can help with this, as a lot of kicks are interchangeable in delivery especially from the start to chamber point.

Focus – this part is simple ensure that you focus on one kick at a time practicing perfect technique with flexibility and control, if both don’t go together stop and practice kicks that can be controlled and delivered correctly at a lower height. Don’t lose hope, stay edibles online legal When kicking look just past where your foot would or has struck the target, as thats where it needs to be.