Reverse-Grip Pressdown – Hit Your Tris In A Whole New Way!

Q: I’ve heard that the reverse-grip pressdown works the triceps lateral head better than the standard pressdown does. Winstrol for sale What’s the best way to perform this exercise?

A: What you’ve heard is correct. Anavar for Sale Generally speaking, the medial head of the triceps does most of the work in elbow extension, especially at the beginning of movements. But in the reverse-grip pressdown, the most stress is placed on the lateral head, the big, beefy muscle that is seen in the upper middle portion of the back of the upper arm. This exercise not only adds variety to your triceps workout, but it also allows you to focus on the lateral head, helping you chisel some detail into your horseshoes. For that reason, it’s a great finishing exercise for triceps. Here’s the best way to perform it.

To work both arms simultaneously, grasp a short, straight bar attached to a high-cable pulley with a palms-up grip, hands slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart. Stand facing the weight stack.

Pull the handle down until your elbows are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. Deca Durabolin For Sale This is your starting position. Inhale slightly more than usual and hold your breath as you press the handle down in an arm-straightening action. Maintain a firm grip and use a moderate rate of speed. Keep your elbows in place at your sides or slightly down in front throughout the movement.

Press down until your arms are completely extended and locked as you exhale. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then inhale as you return to the starting position. Keep your hands in line with your forearms – there should be no action or bent position at the wrist joints. Also, hold your spine in its normal curvature throughout the exercise.