You Are Not Still Using Old Fashioned Ineffective Exercise Methods Are You?

Maybe you are a woman who wonders why you should bother with strength training exercise after all you have been told for years if you want to burn fat and get fit all you need to do is some low intensity activity like walking acv keto gummies review.

For the last 30 something years women have been sold the same bill of goods and millions of leotard clad females poured into ‘aerobics’ classes hoping to end up looking like the advertising images of the health club babes. But unfortunately, they emerged years later with the same soft overweight bodies that they started with and many of them even got worse.

We know now why this happened weight loss gummies review. Research into the way our body’s hormones function is a hot topic and rightly so as hormonal health and the state of the bodies metabolism (our body’s engine) is totally what governs whether you have a fat storing body or a fat burning one.

The most important factor in acquiring a healthy metabolism for a strong and lean body is the condition of your muscles best apple cider vinegar gummies. Old fashioned ‘aerobics’ and ‘cardio’ type activities do not address this issue and that is the main reason why it did not and does not work well for weight loss or toning up ones body.

These ‘cardio’ types of activities work at a low intensity level with little to zero resistance for multiple repetitions. This is great for recreational activities like walking or cycling as one can then participate in them for long periods of time without tiring.

But for weight loss and body toning you need to do the opposite. Higher intensity strength training exercise works the major muscle groups through their ranges of motion under a load. This is the only way you can strengthen muscles which is what you need to do to speed up your fat burning machinery (your metabolism).